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Chapter 585-587
Today's recap will feature four chapters, the continuation of the Luffy-Ace-Sabo flashback. I'm usually not a big fan of flashbacks, but this one turned out to be quite nice, and is no doubt important to the story as a whole. However, nothing to get really excited over on a weekly basis. Especially with the looming return of Strawhats on the horizon, a potential timeskip, a fresh new arc.. but let's do a quick run-through of what our three scoundrels have been up to, ten years ago.

Cover: Hannyabal, our favorite opportunistic angle-shooter, fishing with his boss.

Brother's Cup
Last chapter ended with Luffy finally being accepted into the Ace and Sabo clique, and Sabo going to live with them at Dadan's place. Let's see what happens next.

Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Pistol, the technique that has beat down countless enemies all over the Grand Line, here still in its infancy. Knocking himself in the head.

The rascals do what we all did when we were kids. Stealing and jumping off buildings.

Luffy was fair enough to leave "treasure credit". I sure hope the manager kept this note, once Luffy becomes the pirate king, he can collect a fortune!

Sabo fesses up he's just an oliver twist wannabe.

Study, that's what parents are telling their kids all over the world. Mine did so to me. I am proud to see this.

Wait, is Oda playing this off as being a bad thing? I'm morally confused.

Three boys, one cup.

no comment..

This is my favorite part of the chapter. Can I just say how much I love Garp!

When Garp comes in to say hi, people get the shit beaten out of them!

Sabo's dad and uncle Bluejam come to take Sabo home. These family reunions always bring a tear to my eye.

Please, someone slap some sense into these kids. No need to be "free" at age 7 or 10. Become atleast adults first, no?

Cover: Hina and Smoker are dating. Or atleast they tried.
Hina: "Come inside with me, I need moar DRINKS"
Smoker: "No thanks, I'm taking a cab home now."
Eyelashes: "I'd hit that.."

A fetid town
Sabo returned to live with his noble family, leaving Ace and Luffy alone to pull their shenanigans. And the story continues

So Bluejam wants to be a noble. Too bad he has, as they call it, a face for radio.

Ace and Luffy start working for the local mobster. I've seen this movie before, it was called Goodfellas.

I think Oda has been watching sitcoms. This Stelly is the typical know-it-all nerd.

A nerd has two main weaknesses. The first is girls, which Sabo is not. The second is physical in nature.

As such, Sabo beats up Stelly to learn that the nobles have contocted the evil plan to burn "Trash Mountain" to the ground.

And in an unfortunate accident, Sabo dies by falling out the window. We knew he was going to die, this being a flashback (of death) and all, but in this lame way?

Just kidding, this is not real life.. moving on.

The mother hired a tutor with the same freakish looks as her. I wonder if there is a special freaky agency for that.

And I take back what I said earlier. Maybe Bluejam has what it takes afterall.

The wind is strong. We've seen that before. Don't tell me he is here.

When I get a new car I also test it out by running over some people.

And Trash Mountain starts burning. I remember the perv on the left from a previous chapter.
He can go die in a fire for all I care.

Bluejam was betrayed by sons of bitches!

..nope not yet.

Careful Dragon, the leprechaun is trying to pick your pocket.

High heels, what hottie has Dragon brought with him I wonder?

Just kidding, it's merely "big head" Ivankov

Luffy and Ace are also caught in the fire, so behold the epic cliffhanger!

"Will they survive?" - Are you kidding me Shounen Jump editors? This is a flashback!! OFCOURSE THEY SURVIVE!

This calls for a..

Cover: Dragon is seen providing for his revolutionary army, growing den den iPhones

"I will not run!"
Ace's suicidal tendencies have now made it into a chapter title.

Bluejam cries out against the betraying King again! That son of a bitch!

There he is.

What fools indeed. And I need to go throw up now.

Also, more confirmation that to be nobility, you need to be ugly as sin.

Bluejam: And finally we get our badass pose!
Grunt: But boss, doesn't that mean our time is almost up?..

Bluejam is in a poetic mood. He must have taken classes from Vista.

Oh yay, time for big grown men to fight little kids again. That always makes my day.

Wait.. Ace cries out.. I'm getting an eerie feeling..

And there we have it. Ace has the King's Ambition too. Who doesn't at this point? They must hand it out for free on street corners.

Sadly, he must have lost it lateron in life when he became Whitebeard's pet. Because really, where was this super useful ability in the war?

The mother hen shows up to save the day.

..with the rooster not far behind.

Like clockwork, Ace refuses to run again.

And, Oda these black borders are really starting to depress me, can we get them over with? Thanks.

A woman.. and a kid. Bluejam already realizes he has no chance of winning.

Lookie here. That man is holding the doll that was called "useless" in an earlier chapter.

Isn't that right?

Che Guevara would have been proud.

And hey, it's Kuma in the back. In his pre-brainwashed state even. Totally made the chapter worth reading!

Good, Stelly is still around! I was getting worried over here.

The leprechaun turned to piracy! But whatever, I want to know more about Stelly!

The flag is interesting though. "S" with crossbones. Remember that crossed out S on Ace's arm? Maybe it wasn't a typo or a screw-up by the tatoo artist, but a reference to his lost brother all along?

The end

Credits: pictures from mangastream/binktopia, inspiration AP forums, pedobear image by 'ko

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*slaps forehead* Why did I not realize the S with a cross over it when I first read the chapter? DX

jaja funny as always, and you are also rigth about the S of sabo in ace tatto ,great work XD

three boys one cup? ok. wont be able to look at luffy anymore.

This is godly, thank you and keep it up!


thank you for not crediting my Pedobear image

nice recap however

Ah I saved this image weeks ago to my "random pics" folder so I must admit I totally forgot who/where it was from. Proper credit added ^^


It was nice to read another recap, not as fun as usual though but hey you do good work with what little there is to work with, keep it up =)

I would also like to add that the two highlights for me was: the leprechaun and Garp part/s x)

Yes not much to work with, and I wasn't very motivated either tbh. These flashbacks are nice for the story as a whole but nothing too exciting compared to the greatness that was the war.

I'm gonna have to put them on hold now anyway because my thesis is lagging dangerously behind, and pick the recaps back up when I make some headway with that, ie almost finish it :)

Re: Mess

ya its better you do them when you have time and feel motivated for that matter, this isn't something you should force yourself with =)

you are the man!!

where are you?

okay, first, you're hillarious. just to get that out of the way. second, while i commend you for your support of the scott pilgrim movie (also hillarious, by the way) we haven't seen hide or hair of you in months, not even just to tell jokes. what happened, man?

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