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Chapter 582 + 583 + 584 Recap [part 2 of 2]

Final Destination of Uncertainty (The Gray Terminal) continued
We left off when Ace called out to Sabo. Sabo has been mentioned once by Ace when he was dying, and all we know about him so far is that something happened to him, and it gave Ace a will to live. So let's see who we're dealing with.

It's a.. leprechaun?

I wonder what his color scheme will be. Here's a random prediction:

And I must say, I hope Sabo wasn't too obvious and buried all his treasure at the end of a rainbow or something.

The two rascals have been stealing money since they were five years old, to buy a pirate ship.

Oda's just retelling the Oliver Twist classic now.

Maybe now's a good time to shout you want to be the Pirate King, Luffy?

I mean, they already look so happy to see you!

Ace was a real bad-ass back in the day. I wonder why he turned into such a sissy lateron. Was it eating the Devil Fruit, or meeting Whitebeard?

Ace gets a bout of amnesia and forgets that he's been trying to kill Luffy for 3 months straight.

So it turns out they stole money from random #1 Bluejam and now random #2 Porchemy is after their hides.

Porschemy apparently has a side-job as a hairdresser. And gives free haircuts to his opponents. Nice guy.

No chapter is complete without Luffy doing something randomly crazy and stupid. Here we gets caught by the bad guys. Although I'm not sure if you can call it "getting caught" when you voluntarily walk over to them.

Luffy: Friend.. wanted to kill me.. conflicting.. emotions..

But all is well that ends well...

Luffy found some pirate friends afterall!

The end

      Mister 1: "Hey boss, we both look cool and all, but what's up with these weird hippos?"

The Porchemy incident
After having brought poor little Luffy back to his lair, Porchemy tries to extract the whereabouts of the treasure from kid Luffy. Hold on tight people, this will be a rocky ride.

Let's get started with a BANG shall we?

Not the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree, Porchemy tries to crush Luffy with a gigantic hammer to make him talk.

And I'm just sitting here wondering, how is the anime going to handle this disaster?

The "OMG he ate a Devil Fruit!" moment! Haha that one never gets old. Even in a flashback.

Ok Oda, why don't we sit down and have a little talk now. This used to be more or less a kid's story right?

Besides completely re-enacting the movie Saw on Luffy, just how is this Bluejam guy going to be more brutal than this?

Meanwhile, Sabo is trying to make a run for it with his pot of gold.

I'd get out of there. Whatever these guy have.. it looks contagious.

Son of a bitch Luffy hasn't spilled the beans yet!

He's only seven years old. Way to overdo it tough guy. Maybe just promise him some candy and he'll tell you everything, idk?

Yeah I feel like a real man now.

All in all, I'm happy they caught Luffy and not Ace. Luffy doesn't get stockholm syndrome that easily.
By this time, Ace would have started calling Porchemy "pops" and joined his pirate crew already.

Long story short, the kids show up and beat up the ninjas pirates.

This is too funny. I'm seriously laughing here. Ok let me pull up a classic to point out the irony:

Never run away Ace! No matter what!!

And if Akainu wouldn't have gotten him, he would've gotten himself killed some other way I am sure.

He's gonna fly through that teensy bit of ash lateron too.

But again I digress. Back to the fight.

He has a sword Ace, be careful! It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Alright sounds like a plan.

And he loses ofcourse..

Only one thing left to say here:

Then the boss shows up.

Well. Porchemy gave up piracy.

In the aftermath, we see that the pirates beat poor little Luffy to retardation.

Women too? Is that foreshadowing? Maybe next week Oda will treat us to some rape scenes!!

What a completely oddball thing to say. I guess Ace was already entertaining suicidal thoughts at age 10.

Aww little baby cried when he got beaten with spikes!

Sabo: "can we go play with marbles now?"

And in the end, all is well with the world..

Rooster guy: Boss.. when did you learn to read?

I'm not usually a fan of flashbacks, but this one has been very good so far. And with the arrival of a tenryuubito, a very promising end to boot!

The end

credits: pictures by mangastream, TFA, inspiration AP forums

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Man freakiinn genioouusssss, SON OF A BITCH , HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa damn , thanks made my day, honestly

Whitebeard completely caught me offguard, a very good job done man and keep it up!


"It's a.. leprechaun?" ahhhh hahahahahaha XDDDDD

The part where Ace just DOESNT RUN AWAY FROM ANYTHING made me laugh like mad. Because that is EXACTLY what I thought when he said that.
This is awesome dude, keep up the good work !

Hah yeah. And lateron Sano even rubs in even some more. I halfway expect Oda was poking fun a bit there ^^



"He's only seven years old. Way to overdo it tough guy. Maybe just promise him some candy and he'll tell you everything, idk?"

Or, in this case, some meat... :D

Ohohohohooo~ Another fun recap~! :D I really liked the leprechaun part. :P Sure made me giggle~! And Ace never running away is sooooo true :'D Also 'Son of a bitch' never gets old. Never. ^^ Keep it up wintergt! :3


You've got a talent on this, haha. Keep it up, Wintergt.

:P:P:P nice to see you are back m8 cheers ;-)

The volcanos

The image you showed from eyijajfklukyole... The icelandic volcano is my desktops's wallpaper. It os Akainu's little brother so it kicks ass (including Ace's ass)

Imagine if Ace fought the Balrog.
Gandalf: Run, you fools!
Ace: Once I face an enemy, I never run!
Gandalf: You insufferable hobbit!
*both fall to their deaths*

Curse me for not thinking of that one!

Save it for the next recap, I'm sure it'll come in handy.

Son of a Bitch >:<

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