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Chapter 582 + 583 + 584 Recap [part 1 of 2]
Pirates, always taking it one step further. Here using a flaming spiked football.

Luffy and Ace

Feels like ages since I made a recap, but the project's still alive, and here is the next installment. To get back up to speed, the war ended with the marines victorious (or was it really Blackbeard that won?), and Hancock just snatched a dying Luffy up and sailed back to her island, as we continue with the post-war transgressions.

The war was the infamous pirate summit all along. I knew it!!

Ivankov and her candy boys say goodbye.

1.And look who we have at the front. A guy with Mickey Mouse ears, a guy with devil horns, even a guy with antlers. Nice try, but you're all no Bunnyman! We love you Bunnyman, we do. Oh Bunnyman we love you!

2. But most shocking of all, in the back we can see Moria's son! Or rather, one of his MANY illegitimate offspring. It is said all famous people have a bunch of kids on the side; Pablo Picasso, Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, Gecko Moria.

And you might not give it to him now, but he was quite the handsome devil in his day!

Isn't he just to die for ladies?

(footage is from Episode 0.. check it out if you haven't)

But I digress, back to our protagonist.

Luffy is conscious again, but in bad shape. And for some reason still hasn't closed his mouth.

Jimbei's brain is racing: "how might I throw my life away for Luffy? Damn, I got nothing this time."

Hancock also hears the joyous news of Luffy's awakening. The sweating, the blushing, doesn't take a genius to figure out what is on her mind.

It's sex btw.

Looking at all three Boa sisters together now, well, it's always a painful question, but someone has to ask it. The two big ones are adopted right?

Frustration builds among the Law crew. They finally got to an island full of women, and they're still not getting any.

Even Bepo has a hard time keeping it in his pants. The baby bears will have to wait though.

Luffy is still suffering from the mental shock of having watched someone die. Can't blame him after more than 500 chapters where everyone was immortal.

Jimbei: "Hm. That look. Is Luffy-kun going to eat me?"

Ace died before Luffy ever got to beat him. I'd be pissed too.

And there we finally have it, a Luffy flashback. And we've seen this trend before many times. You all know what this means right?

Luffy is joining Jimbei's crew!

Flashback ahoy. Garp shows up with kid Luffy, and I think he dropped something.

Ah here it is:

And now, it's revelation time!

The infamous Dadan we've all been dying to see.. is this monster? Moving on, nothing to see here..

So as it turns out, Garp left Luffy and Ace to be raised by a group of Mountain Bandits. And later in life he's surprised they didn't turn into the good little marines he had hoped. I wonder where it went wrong Garp..

I'm badddddd

Luffy and Ace. Their first meeting. It was love at first sight.

The end

Cover: Hogback and Absolom are still grieving over the loss of their captain. In their own way.

Final Destination of Uncertainty (The Gray Terminal)
Let the flashback continue.

The classic tale of the new kid trying to hang out with the older, cooler kid..

And the older kid throws a tree on top of him. It's just like my own youth.

That didn't quite cut it, so Ace throws Luffy off of a bridge next.

Where's Luffy?
I dunno, he seemed fine while he was falling down that ravine.

But Luffy is already back for more. Maybe Ace will be nicer now?

Nope, throws him to the crocodiles.

And then tries to bury him under an avalanche of rocks.
Boys will be boys?

Repeat after me:

Neither snow.. nor rain.. nor heat.. nor gloom of night...

... can stay these couriers.. from the

... can stay Ace from trying to kill Luffy.

Ok sanity check Luffy-kun. Ace has been trying to murder you for 3 months straight. I'm going out on a limb here, but maybe he just doesn't want to be your friend?

Finally Luffy arrives at a weird and dirty place..

Moria must be around somewhere.

Out of my way kid, I need to revive doctor Frankenstein.

This panel confuses me. Is Ace screaming, or thinking?

Regardless, Ace calls out (telepathically) to the mysterious Sabo. More revelations! Looks like a good place to stop the first part of this recap.


Quick notes:
I got a question from someone if I hate One Piece. No, I love One Piece, this is just a satire! I mostly just write what I myself find funny, and that's often making fun of the characters if they have anything that stands out. It's all in good spirit though. Except for Coby, I really hated his little love-and-peace outburst in the war.

And, after fudging with the settings, comments are now open for all, no need to have a LJ account anymore.

Read Part 2 *click*

credits: pictures by mangastream, TFA, inspiration AP forums

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Thanks man , u have no idea how much I've been expectin ur reviews,checkin out daily :)), just keep up the great work fruk the haters and :), damn u got some serious lol talent. :)))

just amazing

men you are just so funny , i hope you can still do this great parodies XD


ah finally I can post! I'm so fudging happy your still doing
these! I always look forward to your funny recaps almost as much as I look forward the chapter itself! ^O^

and the Luffy is joining Jimbeis crew part made me laugh so hard I got tears in my eyes xD

Keep up the amazing work!

Oh hey Mess, I remember you from MH ^^. So you're still following them :). With the war over it's a bit harder to make these with less going on, and less characters so maybe I'll go for double issues again until we get more eventful chapters again. A strawhat reunion could be such a thing.

Re: Mess

Hi, fun that you remember me ^^ and ya I been following your recaps all this time =D What can I say.. I love them. =p haven't been able to post before though since I don't have any Live Journal or stuff ^^'

And ya sure do double or triple issues or whatever you see fit ^^ I'm just happy your still doing them <3 ^_^

Oh btw the whole ace trying to kill luffy and maybe not wanna be his friend priceless *_* so simple but sooooo funny.

"This panel confuses me. Is Ace screaming, or thinking?"

Oda used the thinking balloon as a whispering balloon, it's a common use of this balloon...

But even so, right after Ace to whisper calling Sabo, Sabo answer normally, and suddenly Ace's worries about secrecy vanishes, and they talk normally as if to whisper wasn't necessary to begin with.

wooooo ur recaps are so awesome =)

Your recaps are great, please don't ever stop :)


Yipee!! I can post now! \^o^/

Just so you know, your reviews..or parody O_O made me LOL so hard!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

finally can post! keep up the good work!

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