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Chapter 581 Recap
Cover: couple of monkeys having fun

The future is creeping up
In the last chapter, the war ended. Some rejoiced, some cried, but it means we now get to probably the most fun part in One Piece, the arc aftermath. Let's see how the world reacts to what has transpired in Marineford.

The marines have won. Party time! Excellent!

From the distance, the Supernovas are watching.

Drake's crew is French Musketeer dress-code obligatory.

The man himself looks pissed and it is understandable why. He just realized he left the winning team. Like the guy who turned down the Beatles!

Al has other concerns. He will now have to postpone his lifelong dream of smuggling alcohol.

Female spotted in the crew of Scratchman Apoo. Musicians, always getting the chicks!

Jewelry Bonney blames everything on one of her ex-boyfriends. And is now in hot pursuit of said individual.

Hawkins: "I tap my mountain for one red mana and play a lightning bolt."

Kid reveals the name of the last unknown yonkou. It's Big Momma. It can't be..

Moving on..

Where did the leader of these cavemen managed to get a pirate hat?

The caveman's name is brownbeard. That's a very bad sign. Oda is running out of inspiration.

Like many suckers, the bear just hopes his push-over behavior will get him laid. Hint: it doesn't.

Disturbing how Ivankov is undressing Law with his eyes here.

Reading this dialogue it suddenly hit me. Trafalgar Law totally stole Jimbei's kidneys!

Oh wow all these guys are going to the all female Amazon island? Gonna be one hell of a baby boom there in 9 months!

I'm especially looking forward to seeing these little guys:

But so far the pirates. Let's see what is going on in the marine camp.

Sengoku:  If I put on bandages it'll look like I did some useful fighting in the war.

But hold on a sec, Magellan, is it true?

No shit!

.. for Magellan anymore.

So Blackbeard called a battle royale to fill up his crew? That's impressive. And for the occassion he even put in his new teeth.

It's just not the same.

Now.. I have some bad news guys. It appears RAW Paradise has shut down. I'm not sure if our early raws are in jeopardy now, but it's not looking good.

And as usual, Sengoku has his comment on the situation ready:

To round this chapter up, we get the aftermath of our favorite shichibukai's.

Moria being called too weak is CANON now? Who woulda thought!

In what will be probably his last panel in the manga, Moria finally looks cool. Took him long enough!

And in this week's cliffhanger we learn that Doflamingo the puppet master is actually the Gorousei's hand-puppet.

Can I get a "booooooo"?

The end

No Q&A or interviews this week, but a picture story. This friday I got a package from Hong Kong. It turned out to be my first One Piece merch that doesn't solely reside on my hard drive. The 10 piece shichibukai set. Follow my adventure:

First I carefully unwrap the box, so as to not damage anything.

Fishmen belong in the water.

There you go!

Live long and prosper Jimbei!

Whitebeard mysteriously ran off to the attic.

After I followed him up, I saw he was playing family in my sister's Barby dollhouse. I just left him there.

Ace is a fire logia right? I decided to put it to the test.

Woops. He died. Can fire logias be burnt or something?..

Mihawk ran off quickly, apparently in search of beginner pirates.

This looked.. strangely familiar..

After I picked up my sister from the train, I decided to get her help for some better pictures. Like a true beauty queen, Hancock took like 20 minutes just to get a picture that had her in focus! What a bitch!


This story does not have a happy ending.

There appeared to be more in the box than I thought.


They got me.

credits: AP forums for inspiration

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Oh my GOD XD I must be really blind and slow, but I haven't seen you posting this recap before just now!
I haven't laughed so much in a long time XD
Delicious figure Shichibukai adventures, delicious!

Have no fear Chrissie is here~ :D

lol I enjoyed this recap a lot~! ^^ Especially the part with Jinbei and Whitebeard at the end~ That had me in stitches!! :D

Can't wait for more~ =)

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