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Chapter 579 + 580 Recap

Cover: is it made of.. wood?

Seconds of Courage
In the previous chapter, Law showed up to save Luffy, with Akainu still in hot pursuit. All the while Blackbeard was still causing mayhem and the Whitebeard pirates were trying to flee. Will the madness never end? Let's find out.

Law, who is a doctor, has "death" written on his sub. He must not be very good.

Buggy drops one of the harshest insults know to man.. who the f*ck are you?

Surprise! More fodder!

Waaaves! Blackbeard is still acting like a kid in a candy store.

tsunamis and earthquakes.. I wonder where Oda is getting his inspiration.. the news?

The clone wars continue.

It's ok Coby, it's not because Luffy punched you that he still won't be your friend.

This is why you don't send kids to war. One blow to the head and Coby has become a schizo hearing "voices".

Not sure what this means but I read it as, Tashigi is getting hot!

Kizaru takes a potshot at flying Buggy. His super sniper skills seem to have disappeared again.

You want the fish? You can have the fish!

This sounds eerie familiar. God no don't tell me Vivi showed up?

Oh it's Coby. And a small hint, if you want to pull a Vivi, do it with another admiral. Aokiji for example, he actually has a conscience.

And Coby keeps going. Talk about pathetic, he takes his cowardice to a whole new level.. gets beaten up once, and now he wants everyone to run away with him!

Garp is ashamed he ever wasted time training this coward.

I only see one complete idiot.

But morale officer Akainu is on standby. Never have I rooted as much for an admiral as now. Kill the annoying brat!

Holy hell, the hero of the disabled, one-armed Shanks himself, blocks Akainu's attack! That is damn cool, now we know swords can block magma!

Seriously though, Shanks > all
Here is proof:

But anyway let's continue with canon.

Marines: "Oda must be on crack, everyone and their mother is showing up in this war."

Ben BeckMAN makes an appearance, not to be confused with this guy:

That's BeckHAM. As for Beckman, he's pretty much Harry:

Make my day punk. Make my day.

They should probably rename it to the "three emperors" now.

Then Shanks explains why he is here:

Oh but he is not done yet. His next comment had everyone stumped.

The audacity! And then he finally gets down to bussiness.

Shanks came to end the war. Let's head right on to chapter 580 to see how that works out for him.

Cover: Coby's face is still stuck in "pathetic mode" from last chapter.

The end of the war
I guess it works out for Shanks pretty well. The chapter title spoils us to the fact that the war is finally getting to a close.

I guess this is the handicapped squad in the marine force. Shanks must be their hero.

Pointing a gun at Kizaru and dropping a oneliner apparently didn't stop the admiral.

Beckman:  But.. but.. he put his hands up and everything!

What is this now, Kizaru? Are you kidding me, where was this super powerful attack in the war?

He's such a clown this guy. Sengoku will need to sit down with him for a serious talk after the war.

The fans after hearing the war is over and that we'll be seeing the Strawhats again!

1. Redhair pirate 1: Huh? Can we do this picture again please, I wasn't looking.

2. Redhair pirate 2: Don't pull on my lip now Monki, I'm trying to look impressive here!

3. Jay: stop eating, Silent Bob!

As we all know Mihawk doesn't like to fight the disabled, so he makes a run for it.

It's extra embarassing when they beat him, you see.

Shanks calls Teach out to the parking lot, but Blackbeard's thoughts were elsewhere

Blackbeard: Damn that redhead, he put that scar from when I scratched his face like a little girl in his flag.. that does it I'm leaving!

Sengoku *sweatdrops* *so obvious he's scared*

Displaying grace and humility when in a position of superiority. Shanks is showing everyone who's boss.

WB pirates: Shanks is too alpha male for us.. why did we ever follow mamabeard, oh the wasted years..

Now let's see what the ladies think:

Tsuru: I'd love to hang that young lad out to dry.

Hina: Hina tingly inside.

And check this bad boy out:

Guns don't kill people. Giants kill people.

Sengoku caves in, it's over. The war has ended.

Always going the extra mile, I did after-the-war interviews with some of the VIPs. It seemed appropriate given the momentous occasion.

Winter: How did you prepare for the war?
Doflamingo: Two hours to pick out my outfit. Five hours for shoes. Then I took a bath and memorized this speech by Alex Haley about how the winners write history. My image is all about appearing smart.
Winter: Can you summarize how the war went for the people at home?
Doflamingo: Let's see.. I rode some big guy like a rodeo.. then I chased Crocodile around for a while but she was acting pretty distant.. and I think I looked fabulous all throughout!

Winter: Were you excited to join the war?
Moria: I was too lazy to go at first, but then I realized I was already at the Marineford hospital, so I just had to get out of bed basically. To finally get me out the door Sengoku said they had stitched up some animal and human bodies and buried them around the battlefield, it was like an easter egg hunt. I had fun.
Winter: Are you satisfied by your performance?
Moria: I got beaten up by only about fifteen people, I did much better than expected.

Winter: Do you have anything to say?..
Kuma: I, Borg.
Winter: Vegapunk has a nice sense of humor.


Winter: Are you glad it's over?
Akainu: No, I was just getting warmed up.
Winter: People say you're the new Chuck Norris
Akainu: I was going for Jack Bauer.

Winter: How did the war go?
Kizaru: It was scaryyyyy
Winter: Were you really scared or is it an act?
Kizaru: I like shiny jewels.
Winter: ...
Kizaru: Hello this is Borsalino
Winter: ..I think I just spotted Hancock over there..

Winter: If I may have a moment of your time, can you explain destroying all those pacifista?
Hancock: I can do whatever I want because I'm beautiful!
Winter: I'm gonna let you finish but Margueritte is one of the prettiest girls of all time

Winter: Any comments on the fact that everyone is calling you failhawk now?
Mihawk: eh..
Winter: And that you're basically a bitter middle-aged man with no friends who preys on beginner pirates because he's lonely?
Mihawk: ...
Winter: So you're the strongest swordsman in the world. Can I have an autograph?

The end

Mangastream/binktopia for chapterpictures, AP forums for inspiration

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Regarding the Borg joke: was it only a reference to Star Trek? Or was there something more? I had this crazy idea that should, and most definitely is, wrong... but I have to ask anyway. Thanks!

To be honest I've watched very little of star trek, I just know of the borg from a friend who was a big fan. So there is nothing more to it.. I am curious what you thought tho?

Re: Kuma

Well, being a Swede, I instantly thought of Björn Borg. And since "Björn" means "bear" (as does "Kuma"), I thought there was a fun little side-joke. Funny coincidence, though. =)

Not bad..!

Test, just a test

Hello. And Bye. fr33 pr0n (http://www.pornhubhd.com/) this is it!

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