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Chapter 578 Recap

Shonen Jump shows us t
he hierarchy in manga: Luffy crushes Ishigo from Bleach and on a later page Naruto. Not too subtle but it works for me.

And Oda has decided to grace us with a colorspread instead of a coverpage this week. Let's have a peak:

We were all hoping for an epic colorspread of the Whitebeard Pirates, or the Blackbeard Crew.. but Oda decided to draw boobs instead..

A Present to the New Age
In the last chapter Akainu continued his grudge against Luffy, while Blackbeard showed his true colors and made Whitebeard's powerful Devil Fruit his own, throwing around earthquakes in extacy of his newfound powers. We pick it up from there.

Tsk tsk Sengoku, the Marine Headquarters buildings is in shambles, the bosses are going to be pissed now.

And talking about the gorousei, I wish we got to see them more often. They're pretty neat.
A bunch of old white guys ruling the world, it's just like in real life. Let's have a look what they are doing now.

Always one step ahead! But back to the situation at hand:

Bella: *yawn* Can we change the channel?..

The pirates and marines are facing a common enemy now.. GROUP HUG SOON!

..how about by getting a nose job?

In fact get the 'two for one discount' and fix up Catarina also.

Heck, just insult Sanji, he gives them out for free.

His teeth are different.. wait this isn't the real Blackbeard.. is it a second Blackbeard?!

*puts on his tinfoil hat*

This confirms there's two of them afterall!

A. That's damn cool, Sengoku fighting!

B. But why didn't you do that waaaay sooner Sengoku instead of fangasming and freaking out?

C. Cut off his tail Shiryuu!


I'm not overusing this one, am I?

Basco Shot: Awesome saké but it's giving me a head-ache..

I don't mind a good rerun Oda, but this dialogue JUST happened in Whitebeard vs Akainu.

Ivankov and Inazuma go down. These two always get casually owned offscreen. Must suck to be them.

It's bunny-stache-okama-guy again. And he pulled a bazooka out of his ass this time.

Yeah duh Captain Obvious, a Devil Fruit user can't follow you into the ocean.

Jimbei attempts to leap into the ocean, but there's no water, it's all ice. Sucks for him. Time for a flashback to explain why he wants to get in the water so badly.


Pirate Leader: Do you have any special skills Jimbei?
Jimbei: I can hold my breath for ten minutes!

Aokiji makes a handwave. That's great, now show us how he beats up these pirates, that's what we really wanna see.

Thrilling chase going down. Nana nana nana nana nana BATMAN!

Akainu has caught up to Jimbei already, that's what you get for hanging in the air like it's a roadrunner cartoon.

This is not Moria a single punch isn't going to cut it.

Akainu keeps fisting people for "absolute justice". This is so great, he has become the Chuck Norris of One Piece. If you haven't read the Akainu memes yet, full list is at the end.

Akainu is so awesome he can magma fist two people at the same time!

Jimbei screams "YEAHHH!!!" after getting beaten up. Masochist much?

Even Oda agrees there's always time to make fun of Jimbei. "Pierce through, Jimbei". He already got "pierced through"!

It's nothing a good fish meal won't fix.

Akainu's so awesome he can break the magic rope that keeps the strawhat on Luffy's head!

nnn indeed. Crocodile has arrived on the scene!

So Crocodile has fallen for Luffy's charms aswell.. the King's Hacki really works wonders on the ladies.

Crocodile: And I will henceforth be known as! Vegeta!!

But why Oda, why?? Croc's epic mental beatdown of Vivi is still one of my fondest One Piece memories, don't turn him into a good guy!!

Time for a small intermission now:

The fans after hearing that Oda has finally released a 19 page chapter again.

And ever so easily Oda makes me like Buggy again!!


No, not really, I'm just grasping at straws here. Your favorite character Oda, really?

Better get your kryptonite out Akainu.

That's what I'm wondering too, I mean even Luffy's own crew doesn't like him this much!

Vista still trying to be a poet. Not his best work though, B-

3.. 2.. 1.. Happy New Era!!

Link failed to save Zelda Ace but there's always damsel in distress Luffy!

Marco: You fight like a dairy farmer.
Akainu: How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

(this is how real pirates fight)

Seriously, how can Buggy hold up that enormous lump of fish?
Oh right.. I forgot.. he's not just the messiah, he's also 

Sengoku vs Blackbeard, Crocodile vs Akainu, epic overload!

Crowd: Zomg which one do we go watch?!

Yeah that would be too lame indeed..

..!!? A yellow submarine!!?

Wait this is a pirate story right?

And it's supernova Law that has shown up! With Ace dead, Oda hypes the next pretty boy. Gotta keep the female fans interested!

And how can I not like this guy. The license plate of my car reads "LAW", not kidding.

Guys.. why so serious?

The Doctor's in the House! But I thought Doctors travelled in Phonebooths not submarines?

Anyway the screen got cut off but this is what Jimbei mumbled under his breath:

Jimbei: I have decided to give my organs to save Luffy's life. And don't sedate me just let me have it raw!

To round up, another Q&A, some of it is to immortalize great stuff made by others.

Q: Is it true Blackbeard is really three people because of his flag with three skulls?

When I first heard that theory I went

And then I did

But now I just

Q: Was the stealing of the Quake fruit Blackbeard's ultimate show? Or is there more coming?

Q: What would happen if Jimbei joined the strawhats?
A: Fans being bored to death.

Or this:

Q: Is Law really going to transplant Jimbei's organs to save Luffy?
A: Nah that was a joke, this is Jimbei's real fate:

Q: What are the Akainu memes?
A: List:

Akainu is so strong, he can actually burn fire
Akainu turned Whitebeard into halfbeard
Akainu is so strong it took a yonkou attacking from behind to take him down
Akainu is so clever he can turn sons against their father
Akainu's foot is stronger than Whitebeard's spear
The real reason Akainu is red is because of all the blood of children he's killed over the years
Akainu planned to kill Luffy for being Dragon's son. What we didn't know is that he also planned to kill Garp and Dragon later for being related to Luffy.
Akainu magma fisted his own mom for not believing in absolute justice
Akainu later magma fisted himself for being related to his mom
Akainu can kill logias without the need of Haki
After going to a Brothel, Akainu magma fisted all the prostitutes for being whores
After kissing his first girlfriend, Akainu magma fisted her for kissing him out of wedlock
Whitebeard failed to kill Akainu by punching from behind, Akainu did not fail to kill Ace by punching him from behind
There is no Buster Call, Akainu just drops magma fists on your island
Eneru fears Akainu because Akainu can burn lightning
The reason why Sengoku did nothing this war, he was afraid of getting in Akainu's way
Akainu magma fisted grandma for buying 11 items on a 10 item express way.
Blackbeard only attacked Whitebeard when Akainu was gone.

The end

credits: Mangastream/binktopia for chapter pictures, KaiPirinha for Jimbei Q&A pics, AlinaJames for BBxKatarina drawing, someone on naturoforums for Akainu list.

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Your favorite character Oda? Really?

No, not really. Buggy's his favorite villain. His favorite character is Gaimon.


Pirate Leader: Do you have any special skills Jimbei?
Jimbei: I can hold my breath for ten minutes!

EEHHH?? Guybrush Threepwood??

Marco: You fight like a dairy farmer.
Akainu: How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

(this is how real pirates fight)

And there he is again!! :DDDD

You caught both of them :D. You're awesome!


Yeah, I love the Monkey Island games, in fact I'm a fan of all the Lucas Arts' adventure games. :)

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