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Chapter 577 Recap

Cover: Zoro and chopper flesh out their bromance
The incident continues to escalate
Last chapter the Blackbeard posse put the final nail in the coffin for Whitebeard. We kick this chapter off with some global reactions to this impressive feat.

News of Whitebeard's defeat travels around the world. This partying town in the middle panel probably got pwned by Whitebeard at some point.

Old Obiwan Kenobi makes another appearance. After the war is over maybe he will show Luffy how to use the force haki. And run around again showing off his jedi haki tricks.

Binktopia/MS alliance, Whitebeard is the PIRATE KING now? Seriously? Does anyone on that team even READ one piece??

Garp is having a moment many older people go through. It's when they suddenly start to feel very alone because everyone they knew from when they were young seems to be dying. Atleast he still has Sengoku to steal his cookies.

Doflamingo just seems to be having fun regardless of what happens. I love this guy but I'm starting to get worried he's simple-minded.

What's this? Is that Kuma and one of the Kumabots? Have they received the order from the Vegapunk mainframe to "gasp in awe" alongside everyone else?

Marco *brain racing to prepare his speech to take over command of the Whitebeard pirates later*

Crocodile: "Nicely played Teach, but I won't let you steal my crown of most wicked villain in One Piece so easily!"

Or will he?

If he was really born as a woman like we're all expecting now, that's pretty hard to come back from tbh.

1. Finally Moria makes another appearance! Let's talk about Moria for a second, he's such an interesting character. Lazy. Gets beaten all the time even though he is a shichibukai. It would be cool to see him fight some more, in which case after the war the "i beat Moria" club will probably end up with more members than the "I had sex with Paris Hilton" club.

2. And Mihawk is there aswell with a pensive look on his face. He's worried, and with good reason. Shiryuu the master swordsman looks a heck of a lot like Zoro's final opponent being in Blackbeard's crew.

: "Is my role played out in this manga now? :("

Now that Blackbeard has left the "pirates who don't like treasure" maybe he can afford some golden teeth because that's just unsighly.

The Blackbeard circus is preparing for act 2.

VA: "Ah damn he's gonna do something! Too bad I can't actually do anything about it even though it's happening right in front of me and I'm a Vice-Admiral. Oh wait.."

Too late, your screentime for this chapter is over already!

Relax mister fishman Blackbeard has many vices but I doubt necrophilia is one of them.

Catarina's nipples are getting hard.

(yes I'm just desperately trying to draw attention away from that face)

Shiryuu just joined the band and already wants to split. Makes sense, he probably wants to take over the world all by himself, right?


It sucks that this is Oda's favorite character..

He had a funny moment playing messiah on the ship but that's about it.

In honor of that:

And now let's forget this Buggy page ever happened..

Flashback implying that Jimbei is "interested" in men, and more specifically "interested" in Luffy. I'm not liking this.

"We can't shove off like this"?! Mister translator "shove off" means "get lost" this is not something you should use as a verb.

Anyway Aokiji is looking badass. Nice to see he hasn't lost his touch. I'm getting hives all over again just like the first time he showed up and pwned Robin and Luffy.

The terminator is back! And the scary part is after seeing him kill Ace I believe every word he says now. Luffy??

Look mommy I can flyyyyy!

Holy Mother of all that is Boring, Jimbei repeats his suicidal schtick AGAIN! This calls for a or rather

Is it a comedy routine or is he trying to be serious? I can't tell anymore. In any case I hope Akainu will just end his misery already so that the fishstick doesn't end up accidentally joining the strawhats. *shudders*

Herman: "Join our crew they said. Let's go to war they said. We failed horribly and I want to go home already.."

Ivankov gives new meaning to the phrase "a face to scare little children".

He's cool though as he has some unique powers. Turning males into females and the other way around. And using something as innocuous as a wink for a deadly attack, brilliant.

But enough with the distractions let's get back to the main event!

Crowd: "What? They're both still there? What kind of a lousy magic trick is this?? Booooo!!"

Blackbeard just took the epic away from epicbeard!

Wait the Marine Headquarters still hasn't collapsed yet after all this abuse? Whoever built that, I want him to build my house too.

Nice. But he's starting to look real overpowered I think Oda should nerf him.

Look at this coward. Kill him Akainu!

TLDR version= BB: "You're all a bunch of hippies!"

It's your age? How old are you? Are you saying your age is the reason your teeth are falling out?

Or maybe Blackbeard was going for a more epic "This is MY ERA NOW!!"

Akainu finally noticed something odd has transpired in his brief absence.. maybe Luffy will survive afterall?

The end

mangastream/binktopia images (great speed and RAW guys but seriously put some more effort in the translations plz), AP forums for inspiration

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Catarina's nipples are getting hard.
That made me laugh SO hard XDDDD My thoughts exactly.

And aww, come on! XD Her face here is not THAT bad. Her nose shrunk, like, 2 times as much since last chapter XD

Oh, and I think you really need to star using lj-cuts ;)

Oh damn I totally forgot about LJ cut. I've edited all my recaps I hope it won't clutter so much now.

(/iz Faithful Shinigami on AP)
Just wanted to point this out, "shove off" can work for a boat as well. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/shove+off

Interesting. It sounded very weird to me because I had basically only heard it as an insult so I googled it before I made my recap and clicked on this link:

"The verb SHOVE OFF has 1 sense:

1. leave; informal or rude

Familiarity information: SHOVE OFF used as a verb is very rare."

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The 28 NATO ambassadors met on Sunday to decide on further military plans in Libya.

The United States transfers command for a no-fly zone over Libya to NATO, while coalition forces will continue to protect civilian population from attacks by Gaddafi forces.

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MOSCOW, March 27 (RIA Novosti)


Can't wait to get involved

Hey - I am definitely glad to find this. cool job!

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