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Chapter 576 Recap
Cover: Robin checking out Frankie's ass. Something has been brewing between those two ever since the "balls incident" in Water 7.

The great pirate, Edward Newgate
In the last chapter, Akainu got disposed of by Whitebeard, and it ended with the Blackbeard pirates making their entrance, sporting some new talent. We pick it up from there.

Oda confirms what we already knew, the new crewmembers are indeed the legendary level 6 prisoners.

When I say "we", I mean ofcourse us die-hard one piece fans who know every panel he ever drew by heart.

Also Casey Jones to the left got tired of fighting Ninja Turtles and decided to fight pirates now.

San Juan Wolf, who is apparently the biggest living thing in the world, is still uttering surprise that people spotted him.

Oars Jr already seemed kind of slow. In One Piece your intelligence is clearly inversely proportional to your size.

The mystery man is called "corrupt king" Abalo Pizarro. And the drunk is Basco Shot. Or is it Busco Shot? Guy's ugly as sin either way.

Upon closer inspection Catarina Devon looks like a cross between a clown and pinocchio, with the bottom part of her face sawed off.

But with a rack like who cares about the face right?

Don't know why they keep calling him Shiryuu, he clearly looks like M. Bison to me.

Are you going to do your "Double Knee Press/Scissors Kick" Master Bison?

So Lafitte is not just a tapdancing mime, he's also a hypnotist??

It's all coming together now. Blackbeard is trying to start a circus!

Alpha males get pissed when the attention is not on them, so Whitebeard makes some noise.

He then proceeds to lecture Teach:

That sounds kind of funny. Listen up guys we have a rule "let's not kill each-other, ok?"
Isn't that pretty much an implied rule everywhere?

for those that don't know, this is actually a dude. I am convinced now there are in fact no females on WB's crew.

He's old school.

group hug!

Ace. Apparently they bashed his head in and he's bleeding from his neck.

Blackbeard thinks it's a good idea to take on Whitebeard all by his lonesome.

That's gonna leave a mark!!

Nah just kidding, Blackbeard doesn't get scars, he loses teeth.

Blackbeard has this mocking style of talking to people which I love.
To Ace he said "commander Ace, join my crew!" (before he took him down)
To the marines at Impel Down he said "we're all on the same side!" (before he swallowed them in his Darkness)
And now even under pressure he decides to mock Whitebeard's family values. Gotta love this villain!

What they're all packing heat now, Oda? Is it cuz they black?

Han Solo shot first.

Manly tears were shed once again. Come to think of it half the chapter is random shots of people crying.

Is the tank really going to die?
Whitebeard: "Damn never should have gone with a paladin healer."
Ivankov: "You're not defense capped noob."

Luffy's gonna cause another war with the WG at the end of the story, sweet. But I feel Oda should be using spoiler tags here. He just told us how One Piece is going to end :O

One Piece exists? Well it better, don't pull a pulp fiction on us where One Piece is just a light bulb in a briefcase.

that second comment was his moustache speaking

Oh btw..
I hope all you Whitebeard fans will excuse me for making fun of him..

Didn't he say just two pages ago he was going to kill Blackbeard? And now he already admits defeat??
Pff Whitebeard is all talk!

Anyway, next panel is flashback giving us some insight in Whitebeard's motivations:

So he's sitting off to the side dreaming of family while his crew is bonding and having fun.

Isn't that kind of like sitting next to a buffet dreaming of eating?..

This is beautiful. *clicky*

The box (also known as word of god) has spoken! He's dead.

And apparently really old people die standing up!

But all jokes aside, when Whitebeard died I wanted to make a tribute to him, but Oda did all the work for me. This last page is truly epic and I'm going to leave it as a whole. Whitebeard was a great pirate indeed. Love the back shot. Enjoy:

That being said, time to take a closer look at something..

Those numbers..

Aside from the translator fail claiming 465 bullets which should read 152..

In my last recap I mentionned that Whitebeard never dodges anything. Now we get the full score, 267+152+46=465 direct hits. And that's just today! So now I can say with full confidence.
Whitebeard. Never. Dodges. Anything.

Great chapter once again, Oda is on a roll. I'm just getting worried, how is the rest of One Piece is going to live up to all this? But that aside, we also learned a lot this chapter, or rather Oda confirmed a bunch of lingering theories, the Ds are the descendants of the destroyed civilization and finding One Piece will also reveal the truth about the Lost History.

Blackbeard had promised us a show to rock the world to its core, and I believe that is what he did. By killing Whitebeard himself and showing off his imba new crew, he has basically set himself up as the newest big player in town, even as a potential new yonkou. In a symbolic way, we are going into the New Era which is marked by good (Whitebeard) being overthrown by evil (Blackbeard). Ofcourse the New Era will not just be about Blackbeard, our main focus will be on the real star of the upcoming times, the rookie named Monkey D. Luffy.

As for what is going to happen next, I think the war will end in one or two more chapters. The way Blackbeard told the marines straight to their face that he had just used them and threw away his title, makes me think we're going to see some Blackbeard pirates vs marines brawls where he shows off just how powerful himself and his new crew really are. The ensuing mayhem will then allow everyone to escape.

To round this week off, a little Q&A.

Q: How could this arc possibly end with a party, like Oda once said all would?
A: Easy

Q: Is it true that Basco Shot is so ugly that he blinks at you if you stare at his face long enough?
A: yes

Q: What happened to Akainu, is he dead?
A: He is very much alive and busy

Q: What is the biggest consequence of Whitebeard's death?
A: Haïti is now safe.

Q: Squardo's sword went through Whitebeard's body so why isn't there a scar/wound from that on his back?

mangastream images, AP forums for inspiration, Chrissie for Basco pic, Zik for BB party.

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Oh MAN, I love your reviews XD
Had to friend you here <3

Oh hey Alina. Glad you like em. And as a fellow Blackbeard fan, One Piece is looking pretty good right now isn't it :)

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